New Zealand's First Online Paediatric Clinic

Our Paediatric specialists will answer all your questions related to your child's health, without the need to visit a doctor's office!

Second Opinion

It is often worthwhile to have a second opinion about a diagnosis or a treatment plan from an expert.

Personalised Service

We take the time to listen.

Paediatrician | Medical Consultation | Children's Online Clinic | NZ

Paediatrician | Medical Consultation | Children's Online Clinic | NZ

Fast, reliable advice for your children`s health issues.

We offer medical consultation and second opinion for all paediatric issues, all from the convenience of your home or office.

Paediatric Areas of Speciality

General Paediatrics

We offer second opinion and medical advice for all ages, from newborn, toddlers to teenagers.

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Allergies & Asthma

Every third child suffers from allergies or asthma. There is help.

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There are so many types of eczema - we can help.

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Sleep Issues

Sleeping through the night is no miracle.

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Premature Babies

Dietary Concerns

Proper nutrition meets the needs of childrens' developing brains and bodies, enabling them to reach their full potential.

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Is Telemedicine Right for You?

Telemedicine is a quick, cost-effective, and convenient choice for many people. Here are 3 questions to ask if you are considering seeing a doctor online:

  1. Would you like a second opinion for a recent diagnosis?
  2. Do you have limited access to specialists in your locale?
  3. Have you recently moved, or are you away on holiday?