10 Most Important Qualities To Look For In A Doctor

Robert Winkler Robert Winkler

Don`t we all have a picture of the “perfect doctor” in our head? But: What is a good doctor? We ask this question often among ourselves-in our daily work. We sometimes ask other people too, and the wish lists are amazingly similar. And the interesting factor-whether you visit a doctor face to face in his office or in a hospital setting-or if you consider asking for online medical consultation or online second opinion – it seems what we all really want is very similar.

1) Over all he should have good knowledge and professionalism. This is something not easy to find out-especially with medical knowledge changing so fast.A good doctor will have credentials from a reputable university and will continuously seek to update his knowledge. It/ s absolutely ok to ask where the information comes from he is giving to you!

2) A good doctor should show respect. Respect people, healthy or ill, regardless of who they are ad where they are dfrom. Sounds like a no brainer but unfortunately it isn/t!

3) He should promote health as well as treat disease . This becomes increasingly important today with growing knowledge about prevention of disease through nutrition, lifestyle and many other factors.

4) The ability to listen is something we all want to see! A good doctor always asks courteous questions, let people talk, and listens to them carefully .It is something nobody teaches us at university and yet-this may well be the reason why so many people turn to “alternative’ doctors-simply because their interview can take 30or even 60minutes!

5) We want a good doctor to give unbiased advice. He should let people participate actively in all decisions related to their health and health care, Support patients and their loved ones when and where they are needed

6) A good doctor Uses evidence as a tool, not as a determinant of practice. Embrace the power of information and communication technologies to support people with the best available information, while respecting their individual values and preferences .Ths is a tricky part as “evidence” is something that different people (and doctors) will define differently. A good doctor realizes that and is open-yet critical for the practices and recommendations he is giving to his patients.

7) We want a good doctor to be dincere, empathetic and compassionate. Again, it sounds so easy and yet-we all have our flaws, our strengths-and so do doctors! Doctors are no robots-find one with a heart!

8) We believe (and this seems to be what many patients wish too) that a good doctor should be open for a holistic approach. This means that not just pills are the answer, but looking at body,mind and spirit.

9) A good doctor should never be afraid to ask other doctors for help/opinion. Medicine ha sbecome so complicated that no one can know everything. A team is the better option!

10) Last not least what people want is that doctors take their time for them. This,again,is something that has become incredible difficult for many-especially young doctors in a hospital setting. There are economic necessities that may seem to make this quality not easy to achieve-however it should always be the goal.

So where do you find your “perfect” doctor?! To be honest, don’t forget doctors are human beings too (yes they are!)(-and have their flaws and their good and bad times. If you find one who happens to have ALL these 10 qualities-lucky you!! Our team at Childrensonlineclinic certainly tries to achieve most of these qualities- we believe mostly in taking the appropriate time, listening to your concerns and finding an individualized solution that suits your childs needs.