How To Avoid Seasonal Allergies in Children

Fantastic-it`s spring time again soon. Welcome to allergy season!

Millions of children and young adults are suffering every springtime and summer with hayfever symptoms and the numbers are still rising. But what can one actually do to prevent sneezing an sniffing all day?

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Is Your Kid suffering from Allergies or Asthma?

Allergies and asthma numbers are still rising-all over the world. The word “allergy” was created by Austrian Paediatrician Clemens von Piquet, He coined the word “allergy” from the Greek allos meaning "other" and ergon meaning "reaction". People who are prone to allergies are often called “atopic”- originating from the greek word “atopos” for strange.

Doctors call the following illnesses “atopic diseases”:

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Food allergies: Why a food challenge is very often helpful

Has your child recently been tested positive for food allergies? Are you in doubt or get conflicting or even contradictive information about your child`s allergy? Then you should know about the “food challenge test” -it may help you clarify what is actually going on….

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Childhood allergies: What You need to know

Over the last years doctors  have seen allergy numbers rising and rising all over the world.  In the western world, around 30% of the population suffer from allergies.  Childhood allergies have almost doubled in the last decade.  And yet, allergies are still underdiagnosed and-undertreated ! But there is also good news…

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