Conventional Or Alternative Medicine? Why Not Combine The Best Of Both?

Robert Winkler Robert Winkler

Do we not all remember heated discussions about conventional and alternative medicine? Those vaccines- lets blame them for everything bad!

Conventional doctors? Just prescribing pills to suppress symptoms, don’t they?

Those homeopathic globuli – they are nothing more than placebo, aren`t they?

Fraud- big time!

People tend to get really upset and very dogmatic when it comes to what kind of medicine works best.

We believe we need to sidestep this ‘war zone’ between conventional and alternative medicine! Why do we not simply combine the best of both medicines?

Our philosophy- a holistic approach

This is the philosophy of Childrensonlineclinic- having a holistic concept which puts the patient in the centre whereas at the same time being critical of the distinct practice.

This approach is also called ‘Integrative Medicine’.

It is not just pills, it is looking at the body, mind, spirit, lifestyle and also nutrition.

Looking for Evidence! Yes of Course!

We believe the principal thinking of doctors looking for evidence does make sense. We do want to know scientifically proven that a certain drug or approach is actually working!

However, one of the problems of scientific studies to prove that a method is efficient is that they often do not take into account complex systems (such as living persons who eat, drink, live all differently) when comparing groups of patients.

So what does that mean? It means that while it may well be that a drug or method does NOT seem to work when comparing it in a large multicentre, randomized study-it could still work in the individual who is getting it.

What does Epigenetics have to do with all this? Actually- a lot.

The relative new field of epigenetics supports this hypothesis.

A gene is a sequence on our DNA that is responsible to produce a certain protein, such as hair colour, muscles, hormones and many others.

Basically the old thinking was, we all have our genetic blueprint, everything is fixed and set in stone- nothing to be done about it!

The fascinating new studies in this field however, quite surprisingly, show that genes can respond to external stimuli such as food, environmental factors, lifestyle, stress etc!

Actually genes can be ‘switched on or off’- which is quite a revolution in the complex field of genetics.

What is the key principle of Integrative Medicine?

Coming back to Integrative Medicine, one basic principle is it neither rejects or accepts conventional or alternative methods uncritically.

It always asks ‘what are the potential risks, but also what are the potential benefits of this particular patient’.

We believe this philosophy lies at the heart of all good medicine.

Summarizing, medicine can never just be pills.

A broader concept for health promotion and especially prevention is needed.

Western (conventional) medicine has a tendency to just look at the body and sometimes forget about lifestyle, nutrition and the power of the mind. There are many ways to stimulate innate healing responses of our body- a point which is unfortunately largely overlooked in conventional medicine.

Why not Combine Traditional and Complementary Medicine?

So back to the original question- why not combine the best of both sides.

We appreciate the use of conventional, but also alternative or complementary medicine, whenever possible.

The key issue is to provide individualized medicine to get best results. It still needs to be based on good science, but it should not be black and white.

Our medical advice and second opinion will look critically at conventional, but also alternative methods and try to find the best effective approach for your child’s specific situation.

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