Dietary Concerns- Our Expert Team Of Dietitian And Paediatric Allergy Specialist Can Help

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Questions around Dietary Concerns are numerous. Food allergy or Intolerance? Lactoseintolerance? Breastfeeding with Allergies? When to introduce solids? Fussy Eater? And many many more .

First of all A Correct Diagnosis has to be made

Our Paediatric Allergy Specialist can help and advise on how to make the right diagnosis. We will give you advice on which tests are recommended – and which ones may not be necessary or even be unhelpful. Allergy Tests should always be Interpreted by someone with Expertise in Childhood Allergies.

We will also -in Teamwork with our Dietitian – perform a Nutritional Analysis which means checking if the Diet of Your Child contains the right amount of Calcium, vitamins, minerals such as zinc, selenium and many others

What The Dietitian does

Dietitians are Experts in Nutrition. They will assess your Childs Growth and also make sure the child is getting adequate calories and protein to grow well. They will also:

-alter family foods to make them allergen free

-give advice on alternative milk

- identify allergens on packaging and finding allergen-free foods

-give advice on when to introduce which solids

-give Expert advice on “Fussy Eaters”.

You Get The Benefit of Our Expert Team – all in One Clinic!

The Team at Childrensonlineclinic wants to give you evidence based, best practice advice for all dietary issues, be it Food allergies, food intolerances or Fussy Eaters.

Try The Expert Team!