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Remote online medical Consultation is increasing in popularity around the world. In Japan, recent regulation of telemedicine means citizens can now use health insurance for online consultations, allowing patients to connect with doctors through their laptop or smartphone.

However, in China, patients now require a separate diagnosis from a doctor in-person, prior to using online consultation services.

These two points highlight the main benefit and concern surrounding online consultation, which we’ll discuss further below.

The benefits of online medical services in New Zealand

Quick and remote access to online medical advice is the primary benefit of telehealth services.

While our medical centres, hospitals, and clinics are dispersed across a country – often unevenly – our digital society provides connection to even the most remote areas of the world. For those living in areas where the nearest hospital or medical centre is a few hours’ drive away, an online consultation can provide information on whether the journey is urgent, and helpful advice on the next steps to take.

The other factor making online medical consultation popular is a global move toward artificial intelligence and data collection. Digital medical records, for example, allow doctors to view up-to-date records for their patients, without the concern that something has been lost, misplaced, or misunderstood in a physical, written record. It also allows online medical consultations to be driven by accurate information.

In New Zealand, where online medical services are receiving increased interest from the public, it’s important that we at Children’s Online Clinic set the standard for online expert medical advice and the limitations of an online doctor or Paediatrician.

Concerns with online medical services

Instant access to an online medical opinion will no doubt help millions around the world in the future. With a large, ageing population who are proficient in using computers and smartphones, remote medical advice is a solution to travel, waiting times, and overcrowded hospitals. As the benefits of online medical services are so clear to many, it’s easy to skip over the concerns and ask too much from online doctors.

As seen in China, where patients seeking online treatment must first receive a diagnosis in person, the main areas of concern around telehealth services are both a lack of specialists and lack second opinion in general. In New Zealand, Children’s Online Clinic is fully transparent about our medical team, their specialisations, and what we can achieve through our online consultation.

The trap that many fall into is wanting nothing less than the perfect answer; just as you wouldn’t use search results to diagnose yourself, an online doctor cannot be the first-and-final call for a concern. Our advice, however, can be critical to patients and parents in remote areas, where knowing what to do and who to call next is often the most valuable advice of all.

Children’s Online Clinic for online advice and second opinion

As a trusted online clinic in New Zealand, we provide the most accurate information and advice to our patients. While we can offer a second opinion and review of an individual’s case or condition, we cannot offer an official diagnosis, and will always recommend following up any of our advice with a professional in person as required. To learn more about our services, or to speak with one of our expert medical team, contact the professionals at Children’s Online Clinic today.