Online Healthcare Apps And Their Risks - Consult A Certified Online Doctor Instead

Robert Winkler Robert Winkler

In a digital world where anything can be found or accessed online, it makes sense that an online doctor is available to provide round-the-clock support to those in need. However, with our health and the wellbeing of those we love at stake, is enough being done to address the lack of regulations involved with promoting health advice online? 

At Children’s Online Clinic, we are fully transparent about the certification and expertise of our online doctors. Unfortunately, there are a growing number of healthcare apps and digital services providing medical advice without the proper certification. Furthermore, an app works on a basic set of algorithms to create a blanket diagnosis, resulting in potentially dangerous and unspecific advice. 

Below, we’ll discuss how this happened, and what you can do to ensure the safety of your children and family.

The birth of the online clinic

You’ve probably heard someone telling a story on social media – often in a light-hearted manner – about the time they had a cold and analysed their symptoms online. Chances are it involved a rather famous website with certain medical initials in the name, and by entering their symptoms they were told they, in fact, had a deadly and incurable disease.

Although this provides a humorous anecdote for those able to discern fact from fiction, we now live in a society that has grown dependent on the information we access online. With our children, and the unavoidable biological instinct we have to protect them above anything, it’s grossly irresponsible for unqualified or uncertified medical apps and specialists to provide inaccurate advice.

In our increasingly digital age, putting your trust in the right hands is more crucial than ever – the team at Children’s Online Clinic not only offer advice on a case-by-case basis, we provide a second opinion by comparing many different approaches and individualise it to suit you specifically. We know every child is different, and what may work for one child could be detrimental for another.

Choosing a certified online doctor

As a trusted online clinic it’s our responsibility to provide only the most accurate information and advice to our patients. After all, we’re not only fighting the risk of disease and illness, but the impact that uncertified or rogue doctors and healthcare apps are dishing out online. We apply a holistic approach when looking at each individual, exploring every avenue of both conventional and alternative medicines to ensure we provide advice specific to your child.

So how can  you be sure you’re working with a trusted doctor? Our team may offer their services in a digital capacity, but we’re all real, established medical professionals. With a wide range of expertise and decades of experience, our team can confidently cover any aspect of your child’s healthcare. We also do not give opinions on acute paediatric issues such as infectious diseases or fevers as, due to the timeframe involved, these will require immediate physical attention from your local physician.

Our areas of speciality include general paediatrics, allergies and asthma, sleep issues, premature babies, and nutritional advice to name a few.

When we first started Children’s Online Clinic, our aim was to provide expert medical advice around the world to those with little or no access to quality paediatric services. If you want to learn more about how we can help, contact one of our certified medical team today.