Long term outcome of pemature babies

Prematurity is a signifikant challenge for parents and doctors. There are significant regional differences in the survival rate of very premature babys born at 22 – 24 weeks of gestation showing the highest survival rates in Japan and the lowest for example in France, speaking of the so-called developed countries.

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Formula vs Breastfeeding Your Premature Baby

A premature infant is a baby born before 37 weeks gestation. Having a premature infant can be a time of great stress and when it comes to feeding your infant there will be lots of questions.

It is possible that your baby may need a short time on parental nutrition (TPN) which is nutrition delivered via intravenous, followed by tube feeding and then on to oral feeding (breast or bottle). Your medical team can support you in the decisions about feeding your baby and whether you would like to breastfeed or formula feed your child.

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Premature babies are so special

Premature babies can survive with sometimes little  medical support from 23 weeks of gestation onwards. A 23-weeker is very tiny, but the baby has everything ! Above all-they need our love and support and they can always surprise us...

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