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Remote online medical Consultation is increasing in popularity around the world. In Japan, recent regulation of telemedicine means citizens can now use health insurance for online consultations, allowing patients to connect with doctors through their laptop or smartphone.

However, in China, patients now require a separate diagnosis from a doctor in-person, prior to using online consultation services.

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Why Pay For Online Medical Advice ?

You may ask yourself why you should pay for medical advice online if you can find so many ‘solutions’ on the internet for free ?!

Nowadays, you can find answers for any medical problem on the Internet, no matter if you are worried about sleep disorders, food intolerance or itchy skin ! However, are these solutions evidence based ?

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What To Know About Online Paediatric Services

If you’re a first-time parent, you’ll know the unexpected levels of concern that any health issue with your child will bring. If you’re the parent of more than one child, then you’ll also be acutely aware of how visiting a hospital or clinic and having to wait in line for a diagnosis can be a stressful experience.

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10 Most Important Qualities to Look for in a Doctor

Don`t we all have a picture of the “perfect doctor” in our head? But: What is a good doctor? We ask this question often among ourselves-in our daily work. We sometimes ask other people too, and the wish lists are amazingly similar. And the interesting factor-whether you visit a doctor face to face in his office or in a hospital setting-or if you consider asking for online medical consultation or online second opinion – it seems what we all really want is very similar.

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