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What To Know About Online Paediatric Services

Robert Winkler Robert Winkler

If you’re a first-time parent, you’ll know the unexpected levels of concern that any health issue with your child will bring. If you’re the parent of more than one child, then you’ll also be acutely aware of how visiting a hospital or clinic and having to wait in line for a diagnosis can be a stressful experience.

As the internet has become an increasingly common part of our lives – from sharing information and looking for answers to communicating with others all around the world – it’s no surprise that online clinics supplying medical advice have appeared as well.

However, as the same level of care you expect from a paediatrician in person is just as necessary over the internet, what do you need to know about online paediatric services – and how can you ensure you and your child are receiving accurate and helpful advice?

Are there online medical consultation services in NZ?

One of the core reasons that founders of Children’s Online Clinic, Robert and Stephanie Winkler, opened their online medical consultation service was to address a desperate need in NZ for quality, online childcare advice. In fact, Children’s Online Clinic is the only NZ-based online paediatric service available at present, with these clinics mostly based in the United States – and are often part of universities rather than private practices.

What are the benefits of using an online paediatrician?

The most important aspect of an online clinic in its service offering is to provide profound advice and second opinion rather than diagnosis – two very different things – and that it takes into account both a holistic approach and treats every case individually. While we understand that many worried parents are seeking an ultimate answer to a fever, cough or other ailment – online clinics should always avoid offering a definitive diagnosis online.

In the best-case scenario, we can provide you with peace of mind and assist in directing you on the next steps: what tests are necessary and which ones maybe aren’t –and what treatment plan might be the best to suit your child’s needs. Sometimes more than one approach may be sensible. Often we’ll advise that your child is also seen in person, a service that the team at Children’s Online Clinic are happy to offer.

What should you look for and avoid in online medical clinics?

While the team at Children’s Online Clinic treat every case with care and review every child concern with a holistic, individual approach, there are a few pieces of advice we can offer to ensure you stay safe online.

As we’ve mentioned above, we offer advice and second opinion. We base this on the information we are getting from you- the more information or test results we have, the better. Be very wary of any online paediatric clinic that offers a definite diagnosis or treatment as, regardless of their legitimacy, this is an incredible dangerous and medically unsound service to provide.

Look for an online clinic that consists of a total team with multiple specialists and individual medical professionals who can offer expert advice on a range of cases, not simply one glossy-imaged doctor with a trusting grin.

Check the legitimacy of their credentials, their background experience and how they access new research to keep their staff informed of up-to-date developments in the medical world. University-hospital-based practices will display this best, as these facilities provide leading-edge information and promotions to their medical teams.

Children’s Online Clinic for online advice and second opinion

As a trusted online clinic, it’s our responsibility to provide only the most accurate information and advice to our patients. While it may be more enticing to offer an official ‘diagnosis’, the safety of your child is our utmost concern, and we will always act in the most professional, caring, and considerate manner possible.

In the world of medicine, there is a jungle of opinion that requires careful navigation. With so many potential dangers and pitfalls, our team provide not only online advice, but an expert second opinion on your case. First and foremost, our medical professionals are here to ensure your safety and the safety of your child, and helping worried parents navigate the jungle of medical opinion is just one area we excel in.

To learn more about our services, or to speak with one of our expert medical team, contact the professionals at Children’s Online Clinic today.