Dr Robert Winkler and Dr Stephanie Winkler

Why Pay For Online Medical Advice ?

Stephanie Winkler Stephanie Winkler

You may ask yourself why you should pay for medical advice online if you can find so many ‘solutions’ on the internet for free ?!

Nowadays, you can find answers for any medical problem on the Internet, no matter if you are worried about sleep disorders, food intolerance or itchy skin ! However, are these solutions evidence based ?

Are these generalised recommendations the right ones for your child ?

And : Who is behind these advices?

So here are 5 reasons why to choose us:

1) We see our online consultation service as an alternative for a ‘physical appointment’ – not only as ‘random advice’ you get for free.

2) We offer our services especially for families who live rural and would have to book flights/hotels to see a specialist.

Also, our online medical consultations are very convenient for Expats who live in an environment without any Paediatrician or Dietitian around.

3) Our medical advice is personal.

We have a look at your child’s medical history before we talk to you, so our recommendations are based on your child’s personal issues and are not generalised.

When it comes to second opinions, we take the time to look through your child’s existing reports.

4) We offer the possibility to upload pictures which help us make decide what treatment is best for your child. This is especially helpful in cases of eczema, allergies or baby rashes.

5) Last but not least- we offer Follow Up Consultations.

If you have further questions or you need more advice about how to proceed after starting treatment, we are here to help!

Summarizing, you have the choice whether you are happy with a generalised ‘all for one’ advice or if you prefer an individual plan that was made for the best of your child’s health!

Besides, Robert and Jenny can always meet you and your child in person for a private consultation in Wellington or Dunedin.

Get medical advice and second opinion at Childrensonlineclinic.com.