Your Baby Can Sleep Through The Night. Really ??

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Are you one of these parents harbouring this dream?

But does the reality look like this:

Does your child almost never sleep through the night and is your whole family suffering as a result? Sleep issues are a major problem for so many families!

Aren`t you sick of all these advices for baby sleep issues?

There are so many well meant advices from family and friends, but aren’t you really tired of all these? Here is the catch. Many of these advices are actually misleading and make things worse than better!

Believe it or not, Parents can actually CREATE sleep problems inadvertently-does that sound crazy? It is. You will not believe how many nutty ideas around baby’s sleep still are around.

Do you believe some of the following myths about babies sleep?

1)Babies should be sleeping through the night by the age of 3 months

If only! No, most babies can do 5-6 hour stretches at the age of 3month (but not all).

However, that is already so much better than the 1-2 hour snippets that leave most parents red eyed with their newborn babies. At the age of 5-6 months, most babies are able to sleep through the night, which means 8-10 hours.

2) Babies should be put on a strict sleep pattern right after birth!

Wrong too! Neurologically, each baby is on their own individual sleep pattern in the first weeks and months of life and we should leave that alone best we can.

3 )The “rice cereal myth”

Adding rice to a bottle makes your baby sleep through the night! While this may sound logical, there is absolutely no evidence for this! From a nutritional point of view, it doesn’t make sense at all.

4) Parents need to cuddle or console the baby the second it wakes up!

That’s another popular one! Quite the opposite is true- less is often more. The crucial part is the baby cannot learn to go back to sleep on its own if parents continuously come up with new ideas and new strategies to “help” it!

5) Babies need complete quiet

Have you never seen a baby falling asleep at a soccer game or during a party? Right! The womb certainly is a noisy place, too.

6) Never wake a sleeping baby!

Wrong! Waking up a baby is one of the methods to help your baby self-soothe itself to sleep eventually. Obviously, this needs to be discussed in your individual case and should not be done randomly.

7) “Crying it out” is bad for a baby!

Most sleep experts agree nowadays that letting your baby cry for a short while when going to bed will certainly have no long term damaging effect!

A child who is well-loved, nurtured, and responded to during the day will not be hurt by fussing a bit before bed in the evening. And the real good news is that this crying or making a fuss will probably only go on a few days before babies learn to soothe themselves and find their way to sleep. But again, it is difficult to generalize and its certainly NOT a good idea to let your baby cry on its own for any time longer than a few (3-5) minutes.

Physical issues like reflux do exist- yes

Bottom line: there is no “magic sleep solution” for all baby sleep issues. There is certainly no one- fits -all solution! We have learned heaps about baby’s sleep and sleep pattern in the last years.

In most cases there are NO physical problems- but have a chat to your Paediatrician or GP what needs to be ruled out (food allergies, reflux and others).

We help you find a personalized baby-friendly solution!

The real good news is that your child’s (and yours!) sleeping problem can be solved- by finding an individual, baby friendly solution that not only helps your baby but also will help your whole family. Sleep disorders are common-but there is help!

We, at Childrensonlineclinic, are here to help you find this individual solution!

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