Premature Babies

Premature babies are special!

This consultation also focuses on disabled children, developmental issues, genetics and diabetes.

Most premature babies develop perfectly normal. However, some have special needs, and if you are worried we are here to help.

Does your baby still need oxygen at home?

Does your child have special needs?

Are you worried your child is not developing normally?

Have you received a genetic test result and would like to know what it means for the future of your child?

Dr. Christoph Aring is the consultant for this special area. Thanks to his many years of experience with premature babies and handicapped children, he can offer expertise on questions around rare diseases and genetic testing.

Christoph Aring

Dr. Christoph has more than 30 years experience as a paediatrician. His work encompasses a wide range of both medical practice and services, including child developmental care, social Paediatrics, public health service and early intervention for children with developmental risks.


You can choose from the following plans during the appointment booking:

Email Consultation

A low-cost and convenient option - submit a brief form telling us about your concerns and we will email you our advice based on latest research within 72 hours.

$100.00 USD

Initial Skype Consultation

We will consult with you on a 30-minute live video call (using Skype or similar) and additionally send a summary of our talk in written form.

$200.00 USD

Follow Up Skype

Any Follow up Skype - whenever you wish to do so.

$130.00 USD