Sleep Issues

Does your child never sleep through the night and is your whole family suffering as a result?

It doesn’t have to be like this.

We know how to help.

You may be surprised: At the age of 6 months, healthy children can sleep through the night!

If yours doesn’t, don’t panic!

Most cases aren’t based on a physical illness, but these have to be excluded beforehand.

Our multidisciplinary approach uses proven scientific methods to create a feasible plan for your baby’s sleep issues.

Our clients are often surprised at how simple and easy our plans are to follow.

We discuss and help with children`s sleep disorders.

Sleep issues affect newborns, toddlers and older children.

Our online medical consultation gives advice on all age groups.

Stephanie Winkler

Stephanie focuses on preventative medicine for babies and toddlers, including Sleep disorders, feeding and thriving issues, and excessive crying. As a mother herself, she has a passion to help other mothers learn how to deal with “normal” problems that other pediatricians, midwives, or general practitioners are quick to brush off. 


You can choose from the following plans during the appointment booking:

Email consultation

A low-cost and convenient option - submit a brief form telling us about your concerns and we will email you our advice based on latest research within 72 hours.


Initial video call consultation

We will consult with you on a live video call (using Skype or similar) and additionally send a summary of our talk in written form.

30 minutes


Follow up video call

Any Follow up video call - whenever you wish to do so.

20 minutes