What We Do

  • We provide online medical consultation in all areas of Paediatrics
  • Dr Robert Winkler is specialized in allergies and asthma.
  • Dr Christoph Aring offers help for issues related to premature babies and child development problems.
  • Jenny Douglas, our dietitian, gives advice for your child’s nutrition in general and in particular for food intolerance issues
  • Stephanie Winkler, MD, can support you when your child is having sleep issues
  • We can provide you with a second opinion on your child’s current treatment, some examples are eczema, children’s asthma or constipation in children
  • We offer consultations in our private practices or even offer a VIP home visit.

WE DO NOT give opinions on acute paediatric issues like fevers or infectious diseases. Due to the critical timing involved with these issues, you must see your local physician.


Our goal is to use the power of the internet to provide individualized medical advice, no matter where you are.

This inspired us to start Childrensonlineclinic.

Firstly, we know there are families all over the world that have little access to a qualified Paediatric service and you may find it difficult to get the answers you need.

Secondly, we have noticed (over the years) that a lot of parents seem to struggle with a “jungle of medical opinions”.

We are here to help you understand and discuss tests you have already had done. We can look into further investigations or therapy options with you.